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Potty Training : Is My Child Ready ?

Determing the right time for potty training is not always easy. This is because readiness occurs at different ages  for different children. It may also be because your child may be ready at one area of development and not the other .  A one year old child may  happily  sit on potty while not knowing  the real purpose of the potty while a two year old who knows the real purpose of a potty may refuse to use it.


In general, however most children become ready to use the potty at around 18 months of age. A this point their digestive system and bladder have matured enough to the point that they can delay bowel movement or urination unit they reach a potty. However, they are usually not cognitively ready  to be able to associate the need to eliminate with potty use, to remember to use it, and to resist distraction long enough to complete the process until sometime after their second birthday. You have to note that the motor skill needed to get to the bathroom, manage clothes, and sit still on the potty are also clearly important.


The emotional urge towards independence and self mastery is important. Sufficient emotional maturity to relax control sufficiently to avoid constipation  is also essential. Verbal ability to  understand your explanations of how toilet use works and to communicate to you any confusion or uneasiness they feel is important as well as social readiness which is an awareness of others’ toilet use and a desire to imitate their behavior.


There are a range of range of physical and psychological developments that  help support the process of toilet training. While it isn’t necessary to wait until you’re sure that every one of these developments is in place, each step increases  the chances of toilet-training success.


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