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Tips to help avoid flat head syndrome

These tips will help prevent flat head syndrome in babies

  • Place your baby on his back
  • Put babies on their tummies for a little while when they are awake. This eases the pressure on the back of the head  and help babies build shoulder and neck strength.
  • Alternate which section you put the baby in the crib every night. Your child will then alternate  which direction he or she looks out of the crib.
  • Dress your child in clothes that allows  freedom of movement.
  •  Do not hang objects above your child’s head. Put them on the side of the crib so that he will turn his head to look at them.
  •  Alternate sides when you bottle-feed your baby.
  • Relieve  pressure on the back of your child’s head by picking him up often.
  • Minimize  the use of a car seat when not traveling in the car as well as other seats like a bouncer in which the child is placed on his back.
  • If your child develops a flat spot, contact your health care professional .
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