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Signs of Drug Use in Adolescents

Most adolescents that use drugs  do not become drug addicts in adulthood. However the use of drugs in adolescents  can put their mental, emotional and physical health at risk. It can put vulnerable kids at risk for ongoing drug abuse and addiction problems in future.

drug use

Drug abuse is when a person uses drugs for pleasure or to get high.  Drug addiction means that a person has become dependent on the drug and has no control over whether, how, or when to use it, or how much to use.


Signs of drug use in children


Your child may be using drugs if you notice a dramatic  change his  appearance , friends  or physical health.

  • Behavioral  problems  and poor grades in school.
  • Evidence of drugs or / and drug paraphernalia.
  • Decreased interest in personal appearance .
  • Emotional distancing , isolation , depression or fatigue.
  • Overly influenced by peers.
  • Dizziness and memory loss.
  • Lying or increased evasiveness about after-school or weekend whereabouts.
  • Changes in physical appearance such as  bloodshot eyes, runny nose, frequent sore throats, and rapid weight loss.
  • Changes in mood, sleep and eating habits.
  • Widely dialed pupils even  in bright light .
  • Unusual  odor on breath ( alcohol, inhalants, marijuana)
  • Pinpoint pupils even in dim light.

It is important to seek help for your child if you suspect drug use.  A qualified family therapist can evaluate and assess your child and  provide appropriate treatment.



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