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Facts about deciduous (primary or baby ) teeth

Some facts about deciduous primary or baby teeth


  • Its important to take care of your child’s deciduous teeth also known as primary teeth. These teeth hold the space for the future eruption  of the permanent teeth.
  • If a baby tooth decays or comes out early,  the space necessary for the permanent teeth will be lost . It can only be regained by orthodontic treatment.
  • Baby teeth that is infected can result in improper development of the permanent teeth  and result in stains, pits and weaker teeth.
  • The development of primary teeth is an important part of speech development.
  • Primary teeth is important for properly chewing food  and promoting healthy nutrition.
  • Most children begin to lose their  baby teeth around the age of  5 or 6. Its usually the front teeth first. They continue to lose the baby teeth  until the age of 12 or 13 when all the permanent teeth come through except for the third molars. The molars begin to appear around age 17 to 21 years.
  • Primary teeth are smaller in size and whiter than the permanent teeth that will follow.


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