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Infections in premature babies

Newborns are  prone to infections . However premature infants are  at increased risk because of their immature immune system. As a result , they are not adequately able to fight off bacteria, fungi , viruses and other organisms that cause infections.

premature babies


Some babies are born with infections  they got from their mom, while others  develop infections from the environment especially those who have vascular catheter .


Microorganism that live on the skin normally can cause an infection if they enter the body through catheters or tubes inserted into the baby’s body. These tubes and catheters are usually essential for the babies to receive the required medications and nutritions  and a painless way to draw blood for tests.


Infections that can affect premature babies


There are various infections that can affect premature babies. These include the following :

Infections are usually treated with antibiotics or antiviral drugs.


Premature babies are susceptible to infections and as a result people who visit the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit NICU will be required to wash their hands before touching the babies. Anyone who is sick should not visit.



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