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The effect of obesity on your fertility

Obesity and fertility



Obesity puts you at risk of a number of health issues such as heart disease, diabetes , back and joint pain and many others. However obesity can also affect your chances of getting pregnant.



Ways obesity can affect your fertility

  • Obesity affect your hormones :  Obesity can cause hormonal changes in the body. When the levels of natural hormones changes, it  can decrease your chances of getting pregnancy.
  • Obesity leads to insulin resistance : The hormonal imbalance that accompanies obesity can also lead to insulin resistance. This can lead to diabetes and also affect your fertility as well as create an abnormal menstrual cycle.
  • Insulin resistance can lead to anovulation in which your body does not produce egg properly.
  • Obesity can decrease your partners fertility : In men , obesity can lead to a drop in testosterone  which can lead in infertility .  Erectile dysfunction is also high in obese men.


As you lose weight, hormonal imbalance and other factors of obesity decreases . Regular exercises, healthy food choices and reduced portion sizes can help you lose weight. You can talk to your doctor about how  to lose weight.



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