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Can crying damage my baby’s vocal cords ?

Babies vocal cords are adapted to crying. However  prolonged crying    can damage the vocal cords by causing nodules, irritation and pain. This can cause the baby to become chronically hoarse and  experience pain.

newborn crying

Babies cry when their needs are not met and when they  are , frightened, feel alone or bored. Normal crying doesnt damage the vocal cords. The vocal cords are lubricated by the same mucus that lubricates the throat  and this mucus protects the vocal cords  from damage during normal use.


Excessive crying on the other hand can result in vocal cord nodules. These bumps are very similar to callouses.  Other risk factors include respiratory infection, endocrine problems and allergies.


Prolonged crying can also result in other vocal cord problems such as

  • Temporarily strip the protective mucus lining the vocal cords which can result in temporary hoarseness which goes away after several hours.
  • Long term problems  of the vocal cords.

How to prevent damage to the vocal cords ?


It is okay to allow the baby to cry . However  babies should not be left to cry for extended periods of time. If the baby’s crying gets more severe after several minutes, if he is sick or if he sounds hoarse, help him stop crying by holding his hands or tending to his needs.


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