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Does my child need to drink water ?

It is a good idea to offer your child something to drink especially during the warm weather. This is because their young bodies become dehydrated easily.  It is common for children not to realize they are thirsty when they are busy. As a result, by the time they get water, they may be already dehydrated .




Children usually ask for water before  symptoms of dehydration set in. However lack of water can cause tiredness, headaches or dizziness. It is however unlikely that the child will become severely dehydrated unless they are vomiting or have diarrhea.


Getting enough fluids also help regulate your child’s temperature by allowing the body to sweat . It also helps prevent constipation  by making the stool soft  and helps prevent urinary tract infections by flushing out bacteria in the urinary tract.


Any beverage or  even an ice pop or juicy fruit like water melon can keep a child hydrated. However you have to know that water is easier for the body to break down than other beverages. This reduces the stress on the kidneys. Water is also free of calories , sugar, fat , additives and preservatives. For these reasons , water should be your first choice .


When children drink fluoridated water, they also get the added benefits of teeth growing strong.


How can i make water accessible and appealing to my child ?

You can make water accessible to your child by doing the flowing :

  • Keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator and have the child drink it when they want to . Cold water usually tastes better.
  • Keep bottles of water available so that the child can easily grab one on the way to school or other activities .
  • Set a good example and drink water instead of soda.
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