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8 ways to ease morning sickness

Nausea and vomiting is a common symptom of pregnancy especially during the first trimester.  This is known as morning sickness. However there are certain things you can do to ease  morning sickness.


ease morning sickness


Easing morning sickness


Eat a little at a time and often : Having an empty stomach makes morning sickness worse. Eat small, frequent meals such as bland snacks and crackers during the whole day.


Have breakfast in bed : Getting out of bed on an empty  stomach can trigger morning sickness.  You can ask for a small snack such as toast or crackers in bed and eat it  slowly before getting out of bed.


Get enough rest : Being stressed and tired can make morning sickness worse. Make sure you get enough rest during the day.


Smell citrus  : The smell of lemon may ease nausea. You can also add lemon slices to sparkling water or a glass of ice tea.


Eat protein rick foods : Eat   protein rich foods  such as nuts that are also rich in  vitamin B. Try to avoid rich, spicy,  acidic , fried or fatty foods. These may trigger nausea.


Drinking fluids : Drink fluids about  1/2  an hour before or after meals to prevent your stomach from getting too full. Make sure you drink fluids throughout the whole day to prevent dehydration.


Ginger : Ginger can ease nausea when taken in moderation.  You can make ginger tea with peeled grated root or try taking ginger syrup.


Plan how you take prenatal vitamin : You can help reduce nausea when you take prenatal vitamins  right before you go  to sleep or with food.

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