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Who is at risk for premature birth

Premature birth is birth that takes place before pregnancy week 37. It gives babies less time to develop in the womb and puts  them at risk of medical issues.


premature birth


Who is at risk of premature birth ?


The exact cause of premature birth is unknown. However certain factors may increase your risk . These include the following :

For some unknown reasons, black women are at higher risk of premature delivery than women of other races. You have to know that premature birth can happen to anyone. Most women who had premature deliveries had no known risk factors.


How can i reduce my risk of premature delivery ?


These tips can help you reduce your risk of having a premature baby.

  • do not smoke drink or use illegal drugs drus
  • keep all chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes under control
  • maintain a healthy weight
  • keep all your prenatal appointments
  • protect yourself from infections by practicing safe sex and washing your hands with soap and water. You should also avoid touching cat feces during pregnancy. Know what foods to avoid during pregnancy
  • reduce stress
  • it is best to wait at least 18 to 23 moths after your previous pregnancy to get pregnant again

If you have any concerns about having a premature birth, talk to your health care provider




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