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Signs of dehydration in children

Dehydration means that your child’s body lacks enough fluids. It can result from diarrhea, vomiting or  not drinking enough fluids or a combination of these factors. Infants are more likely to be dehydrated than big  kids because they tend to lose fluid more easily. You have to know the warning signs and notify your pediatrician immediately.



What are the signs of dehydration ?


Mild to moderate dehydration

  • urinates less frequently ( in infants – fewer than 6 wet diapers a day, older kids, lack of urine  in  12 hours)
  • dry or sticky mouth
  • few or no tears when crying
  • plays less that usual
  • sunken fontanelle which is the soft spot on top of the baby’s head
  • stool will be loose if dehydration is caused by diarrhea. If  it  is caused by other fluid loss such as vomiting, there will be decreased bowel movement

Severe dehydration

  • very fussy
  • sunken eyes
  • wrinkled skin
  • excessively sleepiness
  • cool discolored hands and feet
  • urinates only one or two times a day


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