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Your 23 week old baby

How your 23 week old baby is doing


Your little one hears and sees  almost as well as you do. She has begun to babble sounds and squeak as her communication skills expands . You can tell whether your 23 week old is happy , sad or comfortable from her sounds and attitude .


23 week old baby


Around this time , most babies will babble one word syllabus such as ma, da, ba repeatedly.  She may even add a couple of syllabus to make the sound more complex. You can encourage your  baby by babbling right back and making games out of it.


Your life


You may be  so sleep deprived that it may be having an effect on their daily activities. Here are some  tips to help you get the much needed  sleep that you so desperately need.

  • sleep when the baby sleeps
  • take short naps during break time at work
  • go to bed early and let your partner  put the baby down to sleep
  • delegate some daily chores so that you can get some rest
  • try to go to sleep and wake up the same time every day
  • make your bedroom sleep friendly
  • try to avoid things that will interfere with good sleep such as
    • drinking caffeine at night
    • eating heavy food before sleep
  • you should relax before bed . These may make it easy for you to fall asleep
    • drink warm milk
    • practice yoga
    • take a bath
    • get a massage
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