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When will my baby roll over

Babies usually roll from tummy to back around 4 months of age. However they will be able to roll from back to tummy around 6 months. This is because they need strong neck and arm muscles for that maneuver. For a baby to roll over, he should have head control. Around the time he learns to sit with no support, he will also learn to roll over.
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How to help my baby roll over

You can encourage your baby to roll over through play.

If  your baby rolls over simultaneously, wiggle a toy next to the side he usually rolls and see if he will roll over again.


You can also lie next to him on one side, just out of reach and see if he will roll over to you.Encourage your child’s effort and smile.


It is a good idea to always keep a hand on your baby when changing his diaper. You should never leave a newborn unattended on a bed or elevated surface. You dont want his first rolling over experience cause serious injury.


What should  i do if my baby doesn’t role over ?

If your baby is around 6 months and hasn’t learned how to roll over and hasn’t move to sit and crawls instead, notify his pediatrician.


You should however note that babies develop at different rates. Premature babies reach this milestone and other milestones at a later age.  Some babies also never really take to rolling over.
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