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She’s 24 Weeks

Being 24 weeks pregnant is no easy task. Your partner’s body is changing daily, and so is the unborn child within her. These changes can take their toll on your partner. The further along in pregnancy a woman is, the more difficult everyday tasks will become. A growing baby bump can make the most mundane daily tasks a problem. A growing baby in the womb also makes women have less energy to do simple tasks.
16 weeks pregnant
It is imperative that your partner get as much sleep as possible throughout pregnancy. Although it can be hard for some pregnant women to sleep through the night, a good support system will help them get the rest they need. Encourage your partner to get sufficient rest, and even take naps if they don’t get enough sleep throughout the night. Your baby will appreciate that its mother is well rested, and your partner will appreciate the pampering.
Another tough part of being 24 weeks pregnant is the physical toll it takes on your partner’s muscles. Carrying a child in their womb puts a lot of stress on their back muscles, and on nerves in their pelvic region. This can result in severe leg cramps and muscles being strained much more easily. A simple massage can go a long way to help your partner’s muscles recuperate after a stressful day. Leg messages, paired with range of motion exercises, can reduce leg cramps by over 25%.
Doctors also often recommend natural remedies to help pregnancy cramps, and these remedies can also reduce the amount of cramps that pregnant women endure. If she can stomach the taste, a teaspoon of mustard an hour before bed is proven to help reduce the amount of leg cramps during bedtime hours. This can be a miracle cure for some pregnant women, because leg cramps in the middle of the night can really take its toll on a good night’s sleep.


Another doctor recommended remedy, although another one that can have adverse affects on her palate, is drinking a half cup of pickle juice with twice as much water. Pickle juice should always be taken with plenty of water, because it is high in sodium. Without enough water, drinking pickle juice is counterproductive and can help lead to kidney stones.


When all else fails, 500mg of magnesium as a supplement can help prevent muscle cramps and even help repair damaged muscles.
When your partner is pregnant, it is important to be the support that they need to have a healthy pregnancy. It’s not easy being pregnant, but with a proper support system it can be easier. The further along she is in her pregnancy, the more help your partner will need. Make sure that you are there supporting her every step of the way.
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Breckenridge, Michigan

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