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Underactive thyroid and its effect of fertility

Are you having trouble getting pregnant or are you experiencing recurrent miscarriages?  It will be a good idea to have your thyroid gland checked. Underactive thyroid has been linked to  fertility issues. Low levels of thyroid hormones  can prevent you from ovulating. However taking the right doses of the hormone thyroxine can restore your fertility.
underactive thyroid

How does underactive thyroid affect fertility ?

The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland that sits at the front of the neck. It secretes hormones which are responsible for regulating metabolism,  blood pressure , heart rate, body temperature , growth and development.  Underactive thyroid causes the thyroid gland to under produce certain important hormones. Low levels of thyroid hormones can interfere with the release of egg ( ovulation), which can in turn affect fertility.


What are the symptoms of underactive  thyroid ?

Apart from fertility  issues, other problems you may encounter include the following :


How is underactive thyroid treated ?

If you have low levels of thyroid hormones, the doctor will prescribe right levels of thyroxine hormone before you start trying to conceive.  Once you have conceived, your body needs enough levels of the thyroxine hormone to help it adapt to the changes of pregnancy . Your baby’s developing brain also needs this hormone.


You will be closely monitored during pregnancy to make sure your thyroid level is stabilized. it is possible for your thyroxine level to rise dramatically during pregnancy. The doctor will check your levels every four weeks for the first 3 months, and  at 16 and 28 weeks. If your thyroxine levels do not stabilize, you may referred to a specialist.
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