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She’s 8 Weeks Pregnant

For men, pregnancy is a very confusing time. We can’t physically feel what our partners are going through, and that can cause a lot of anxiety. However, it is very important for your partner that you learn as much about pregnancy as you can, so that you are better able to help your partner through this stressful time.
8 weeks pregnant is the first major milestone for expecting couples. Most couples are just finding out that she is pregnant, and most haven’t even been to the doctor yet. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t steps to take in making her pregnancy run smooth.

8 weeks pregnant

The beginning of pregnancy is one of the most important stages of pregnancy. In the very beginning of pregnancy, your partner will need to relieve stress in a healthy way, eat better, and get plenty of rest. Therefore, a father’s job starts now.

Most women find it hard to slow down when they are pregnant. They want to work the same amount of hours at their job, they want to do the same amount of chores around the home, and they want to stay on the same sleep routine. It is your job as an expecting father to alleviate some of the stress from your significant other, even if they don’t let you.

Understanding your partner’s daily routine and helping them take care of some of their chores is a great way to force your partner to rest. Women in the beginning stages of pregnancy are often nauseous, tired, and moody. Ensuring that they are working less is a great way to make sure that they are getting the rest they need to develop a healthy baby. Stress early on in pregnancy can be a detrimental health problem for mom and baby, so ensuring that your partner is at ease is essential.

A healthy diet should be implemented as early in pregnancy as possible. If your partner does most of the cooking, it may be time for you to dust off your own apron and cook book. Learn to make meals that are centered on fresh greens like spinach, kale, broccoli, asparagus, and even cabbage. Greens are a great source of folic acid, and they can help to prevent a lot of birth defects. Being a cook isn’t that difficult, and your partner will appreciate an occasional catered meal during their pregnancy. Salmon, eggs, milk, cheese, and pasta are also good foods for pregnant women to eat.

During your partners 8th week of pregnancy, the baby is developing at an astounding rate. The best thing you can do to help your partner is to encourage them to eat healthy, rest often, and let you shoulder some of the work load. Try to be as proactive as possible when helping, because it is very difficult for pregnant women to realize when they are pushing themselves too far. It is also hard for them to admit that they are not Wonder Woman, and that they could use some of your help.

8 weeks pregnant is not only a milestone, it is the beginning of a long ride. For about 7 more months, you need to help your partner more than you’ve helped anyone. Although fathers don’t get pregnant, they shouldn’t let their partner worry about their pregnancy alone. The more you help your partner, the healthier your family will be, and the happier you all will be in the end.

Travis Newville
Breckenridge, Michigan

August 23, 2019 | 12:32 31    By Blogger    

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