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Recurrent miscarriages – Know the causes

Recurrent miscarriages is having 2 or more miscarriages. You may need a thorough physical exam  to find out the cause of this condition after 3 miscarriages . Your risk for recurrent miscarriages increase with age. Being over or under weight can also increase your risk.

recurrent miscarriages

What are the causes of a miscarriage ?


Most miscarriages occur at random when an embryo receives an abnormal number of chromosomes during fertilization. This type usually happens by chance and is not caused by medical condition. Genetic problems such as translocation in which one partner has a chromosome transferred to another chromosome  can also cause a miscarriage.


Problems with the uterus such as the following can also cause a miscarriage

  • septate  uterus – uterus is partially divided into 2 sections by a wall.
  • Asherman syndrome – adhesion and scarring form in the uterus
  • fibroids and polyps – benign growths in the uterus


Some medical conditions may increase your risk for recurrent miscarriages. These include the following :

  • diabetes mellitus
  • thrombophilia  which is an inherited blood disorder
  • cervical weakness
  • antiphospholipid syndrome APS
  • polycystic ovary syndrome



The cause of about  50 to75 % of recurrent miscarriages are unknown.  If the cause of your repeated miscarriage is unknown, your heath care provider will suggest treatment to address the cause. About 75 % of women with recurrent miscarriages go on to have  healthy pregnancy.

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