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Common Triggers of Headaches in Children

Headaches are a common problems for young children of all ages. The pain of headaches can be triggered by a number of factors.

headaches in children

Most common triggers of headaches in children

  • Dehydration : Not drinking enough fluids is one  of the leading causes of headaches. This is especially true when the weather get warmer and kids are more active outside  and lose fluid through sweating.  In this case the best cure is simply drinking water.
  • Stress : Children and teen go through stress from time to time. If your child is under a lot of pressure at school or going through a big change at home such as divorce or a big move, a headache can result.
  • Vision problems : If your child is straining his eyes to see faraway, this is known as eye strain. This can be interpreted as headaches even though it is different from recurrent headaches . An  eye test can be used to determine whether your child’s  eyestrain is caused by vision problems.
  • Diet : Skipping meals can trigger headaches. It is also important to make sure that your child is eating a balance diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • Sleep : It is important that your child gets the right amount of sleep each time. Not sleeping enough at night can cause headaches.
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    Reducing Added Sugar in Your Child’s Diet

    Most food and beverages have extra sugar and syrup added to them when they are processed or prepared. These added sugars have different names such as corn syrup, corn sweetner, brown sugar, dextrose, fructose, glucose, high-fructose corn syrup, honey, lactose, malt syrup, maltose, molasses, raw sugar, and sucrose.


    Children who drink more that 10% of their daily calories from added sugar are more likely to have abnormal cholesterol levels, including higher bad LDL cholesterol , high triglycerides and lower heart protective HDL. These kids are also at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes . read more

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    2019/2010 Flu Season

    The flu season is here again. Many don’t realize how dangerous the flu can be. It causes thousands of deaths in the United States every year. It is important as parents to protect your children from the flu by getting them vaccinated  before the flu starts circulating in your community. Everyone around  kids should be vaccinated too.


    What types of influenza vaccines are available ?

    There are 2 types of vaccines available for the 2019-2020 flu season. The first one is what many people call the flu shot and the second one is the nasal spray. All the vaccines available this year contain all the four influenza viruses , two A and two B  viruses. Vaccines for adults will contain three or four viruses. read more

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    Pregnancy and Oral Health

    Are pregnant women really at higher risk of gingivitis ?

    During pregnancy , the body goes through complicated changes. Most pregnant women notice that their gums are sore, puffy and prone to bleeding. These are symptoms of gingivitis which is an infection of the gum tissue. Anyone can develop gingivitis but pregnant women are at higher risk because of hormonal changes. Left untreated , gingivitis can lead to serious gum infection and in turn lead to teeth loss.

    gum disease

    Does an unborn baby really steal his/her mom’s calcium ?

    This is not true. During pregnancy , a woman risk for tooth decay increases because she  eats  more to prevent nausea. You can prevent tooth decay. However if left untreated , tooth decay can cause toothache  and lead to tooth loss. read more

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    Birth Injuries in Newborns

    During the birth process , the baby may occasionally occur some physical injury that is simply as the result of being  born. This is known as birth trauma or birth injury.

    birth injury

    What causes birth injury ?

    Birth injury can occur due to the baby’s size or position during labor and delivery. Condition associated with difficult births include the following :

    • Large babies such as babies over about (8 pounds, 13 ounces)
    • Prematurity which is babies born before 37 weeks
    • Cephalopelvic disproportion is when the size and shape of the mother’s pelvis is not adequate enough for a baby to be born vaginally.
    • Prolonged labor
    • Dystocia which is difficult labor or childbirth
    • Abnormal birthing presentation  such as breech position

    What are some of the common birth injuries ? read more

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    How to help your child get a good rest

    It is crucial for everyone  to get a good sleep especially kids who are developing mentally and physically. Here are some tips to help parents help their kids to have a good night sleep.

    child sleeping

    Incentives and rewards :  If your child is having a hard time sleeping in her  room, reward  her  when she is able to sleep in the room all night. You can also reward your child  for going to bed on time or being able to stay in bed till its time to wake up.

    Bedtime routine : Sticking to bedtime routine is important as it helps kids feel secure because it offers predictability. For example, it is important to go to bed when its time and not let the child give excuses. read more

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