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Warning Signs of Anorexia in Children

If you answer yes to many of these questions, you need to talk to your child and pediatrician.

anorexia in children

  • Does your child skip family meals  and prepare her own food instead ?
  • Is your child following her own diet ?
  • Has your child adopted a ” healthy” vegetarian diet all of a sudden  and obsessively .
  • Are a no or low calorie food a major part of your child’s diet ?
  • Does your child hide food in her room ?
  • Are certain food groups or nutrients excluded in your child’s diet ?
  • Does your child visit the bathroom after eating ?
  • Does your child  flush the toilet, run water, or turn on the shower while in the bathroom?
  •  Has your child lost  a lot of weight in a short amount of time ?
  • Does your child have unusual number of scratches or cuts over her knuckles.
  • Does she have swollen cheeks or lymph nodes around her face, or broken blood vessels in the whites of her eyes?
  • Does your child get dizzy or is she easily fatigued ?
  • Does your child have several headaches, heartburns and coughs ?
  • Has her periods stopped ?
  • Does your child play with her food without actually eating it ?
  • Has your child developed downy hair on her face, arms, and back?
  • Does your child have bruises along her back ?
  • Can  you see the bones of her back and collarbones clearly outlined?
  • Is she engaged in a  lot of physical activity to help speed up weight loss ?
  • Has your child become socially withdrawn, irritable, moody, or depressed
  • Does your child seem more secretive ?
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    Vaginal Discharge Color Guide

    It is normal to wonder if the consistency of  vaginal odor is normal or should be checked out by the doctor. Vaginal discharge is fluid that is secreted by the tiny glands in the vagina and cervix. This fluid leaks from the vagina each day to remove old cells and debris and keep the vagina and reproductive cells clean and healthy.

    vaginal discharge

    Colors of vaginal discharge and what they can mean

    Clear discharge :This could mean :

    • Healthy discharge
    • Pregnancy
    • Ovulation
    • Hormonal imbalance
    • Sexual arousal

    White discharge : This could mean :

    • Healthy discharge
    • Yeast infection

    Gray discharge : This can be the result of  the following :

    Yellow – green vaginal discharge : This could indicate : read more

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    Some Reasons Why Your Child Has a Runny Nose

    Causes of runny nose in children

    Does your child constantly have a runny nose ?  Are you worried if your child’s runny nose is normal ? Here are some information that can help you put your worries to ease.


    The nose has several important functions.

    • It serves as a place to warm and humidify the air we breath in from the outside environment  .
    • The nasal cavity is an entry point for small  particles, allowing as an additional sense on how to interact with the outside.
    • The nasal cavity is lined with pink  membranes that produces  clear mucus to trap foreign particles that may have be breathed in  from the environment .

    The clear drainage in the nose  actually serves an important purpose and a small amount is normal. However too much can clog the nose and lead to an infection.

    There are certain things you have to look out for to help your child’s doctor make the correct diagnoses. read more

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    Is it okay for my toddler to start acting like a baby again ?

    It is normal for toddlers to show some regressive behaviors at this age. She may be growing too fast and feel insure. It may also be due to being overwhelmed by a developmental milestone . It can also be a reaction to the start of a stressful situation such as starting preschool, the arrival of a new sibling or tension at home


    However this behavior may concern parents because of motor skill regression or child slipping back of physical skill.

    You have to know that a sudden decline in social skills such as child withdrawing from people may be a problem.  Another red flag you have to look out for is a child who uses baby words now even though she use to have 2 or 3 word sentences. It is normal to use baby talk time to time but not all the time. read more

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    Signs of Sepsis in Infants and Children

    Sepsis is a life-threatening illness caused by your body’s response to an infection. It can affect anyone at anytime but it tends to affect the very old and very young. Children particularly newborns  and young infants tend to be more susceptible to developing sepsis. Children with underlying medical problems are also at risk.


    Signs and symptoms of sepsis.

    Detecting sepsis  early and starting immediately with treatment  is often the  difference between life and death. You need to seek immediate care if children have an infection and is not improving or getting worse. Signs of sepsis include a combination of the following: read more

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    Warning signs of depression or suicide in teens

    The following may be signs of mental health  problems  such as mood disorder. It  may also be directly related to  suicidal thoughts or behavior.


    Signs of depression or suicide

    Changes in activities  such as :

    •  A drop in grades or school performance .
    • Neglect of reponsibilities.
    • Neglect of personal appearances.

    Changes in emotions such as :

  • Appearing or taking about feeling sad, hopelessness , bored or overwhelmed.
  • Having outbursts, severe anger or irritability.
  • Appearing or talking about feeling more anxious or worried.
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