She’s 32 weeks

32 weeks pregnant

Getting ready for the baby was never more important than now, because it’s coming sooner rather than later! The last few weeks of pregnancy are some of the most important. It’s very important that you get everything ready for the baby right now, while avoiding stress for the mother. That means all of the hard work that goes on during the last few weeks of pregnancy all fall on dad’s shoulders.

32 weeks pregnant
If you haven’t already got a head start on preparing for the baby’s arrival, then now would be the best time. Waiting any longer could be disastrous. Not all women carry their babies full term. Make sure that all of the furniture is in place, the carpets are cleaned, and the linens are all fresh. Take care of any house work, yard work, or big chores that you will need to do within the next six months, because they aren’t going to be easy to get done when the newborn arrives.
Continue working diligently to take care of your partner’s needs. Pay attention to her sleep schedule and help her prepare for the baby by letting her rest. Sometimes it can be very hard to encourage your partner to relax during pregnancy. Anxiety and hormones are taking over your partner’s body, so she is going to want to be doing whatever she can for the baby. This is sometimes referred to as “nesting”. Try to remind your partner that you are there to help her with all of the chores preparing for the baby coming home, so that she can get things done through micromanagement.
One thing that many expecting parents forget about having a newborn is the need for a reliable vehicle. Before your partner gets too far along in her third trimester, you want to make sure that all of your vehicle’s maintenance needs are taken care of. Change your oil, give your car a tune-up, and get the tires rotated, because these things are sure to get put off for a month or two after the baby arrives. Also make sure that your gas tank is always at least half full. read more

She’s 28 weeks

28 weeks pregnant

By now, the baby bump your partner is supporting is growing faster than ever. It is the beginning of her third trimester; a milestone that every expecting couple should take very seriously. These few weeks always seem to fly right by, and before you know it there will be a crying babe interrupting everything you can possibly imagine. A good night’s sleep, a peaceful dinner, or even a day in solitude is going to be a thing of the past. Without a doubt, it’s crunch time.

28 weeks pregnant
The third trimester is when most of the preparation work for the new baby is probably being done. Baby showers come and go, and couples are left with the daunting task of preparing for the baby. For first time parents especially, this is a nervous time in pregnancy. Some couples have even less time than others, and let’s face it premature births can often throw a wrench in parent’s plans.
28 weeks is the beginning of the third trimester, and that means dad is probably running out of time to build that sweet new crib for the nursery. Now is the time to finish off all of the tasks on your partner’s to-do list. Make sure that your nursery is good to go, and make sure that you have emergency bags packed in case of early labor. As the weeks progress through the rest of the pregnancy, it is easy to go back and change some of the items in the emergency bags. One bag should have everything that mom will need for a few days in the hospital, and another bag should have everything you will need for the baby. Here are a few helpful ideas for what to pack in the emergency bags:
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She’s 24 Weeks

Being 24 weeks pregnant is no easy task. Your partner’s body is changing daily, and so is the unborn child within her. These changes can take their toll on your partner. The further along in pregnancy a woman is, the more difficult everyday tasks will become. A growing baby bump can make the most mundane daily tasks a problem. A growing baby in the womb also makes women have less energy to do simple tasks.
16 weeks pregnant
It is imperative that your partner get as much sleep as possible throughout pregnancy. Although it can be hard for some pregnant women to sleep through the night, a good support system will help them get the rest they need. Encourage your partner to get sufficient rest, and even take naps if they don’t get enough sleep throughout the night. Your baby will appreciate that its mother is well rested, and your partner will appreciate the pampering.
Another tough part of being 24 weeks pregnant is the physical toll it takes on your partner’s muscles. Carrying a child in their womb puts a lot of stress on their back muscles, and on nerves in their pelvic region. This can result in severe leg cramps and muscles being strained much more easily. A simple massage can go a long way to help your partner’s muscles recuperate after a stressful day. Leg messages, paired with range of motion exercises, can reduce leg cramps by over 25%.
Doctors also often recommend natural remedies to help pregnancy cramps, and these remedies can also reduce the amount of cramps that pregnant women endure. If she can stomach the taste, a teaspoon of mustard an hour before bed is proven to help reduce the amount of leg cramps during bedtime hours. This can be a miracle cure for some pregnant women, because leg cramps in the middle of the night can really take its toll on a good night’s sleep. read more

She is 20 weeks

The 20 week milestone is very important for the majority of expecting couples. Usually, you will have your first, and maybe only, ultrasound during your 20th week. It is an exciting time for parents, because it is the first time you will see your baby. By now, all of the baby’s extremities are formed, and you will be able to find out the gender of your unborn child. Watching the baby you are carrying squirm on a computer screen is one of the most beautiful experiences of pregnancy.

20 weeks pregnant
Although the 20th week is a huge milestone for pregnant women, it can also be a very difficult time for some women. One thing that is not often discussed in pregnancy is gender disappointment. Gender disappointment is a condition in which women can become severely depressed if they find they are carrying a boy when they really wanted a baby girl (or vice-versa). Some people will try to tell you it’s okay, and that you should be thankful you are having a healthy baby, but that is little help to a depressed mother.
Depression in pregnancy is a serious medical condition, and it can put both mother and child at risk. Gender disappointment can lead to medical depression very quickly. If you are having a difficult time coping with the gender of your child, it has little to do with your emotions and more to do with your hormones. When, or if, you find yourself having problems shaking depression, it is very important to tell your doctor immediately. Women who already suffer from chronic depression, bi-polar disorder, or who have suffered post partum depression in past pregnancies are more likely to experience depression during their pregnancy.
One of the best parts about being 20 weeks pregnant is that you might have been waiting months to start buying clothes and supplies for the baby. Once you know the gender of your child, it’s time to shop! And if you are waiting to be surprised by the gender, then that is okay, too. There are many women who wait to find out the sex of their baby, and therefore there are a ton of unisex options for baby clothes. Either way, 20 weeks is a great time to start shopping for the baby. Before you know it, shopping anywhere will be a chore.
20 weeks also symbolizes a sort of halfway point in your pregnancy. You only have 18-20 weeks, on average, left before a newborn makes things a little more difficult, so you want to start working on creating a nursery if you haven’t already. A good rule of thumb is that you want to have everything ready for baby at 30 weeks. Not only is it easier to get everything done earlier in pregnancy, but it also helps ensure that you are ready for surprises; like a premature birth.
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She’s 16 Weeks

Congratulations! You are officially in your second trimester. This is a huge milestone for pregnancy. The risk of miscarriage is tremendously lower in your second trimester. You are probably starting to let everyone in your life know about the unborn child you carry, and that is one of the most rewarding times of pregnancy. Get used to hearing congrats, because almost everyone is going to be excited to meet your bundle of joy.
16 weeks pregnant
Early in pregnancy, you probably didn’t gain much weight. But now, you are going to start noticing your body changing. Your face will start to look fuller and brighter. That is what everyone means when they say you are glowing. Even if you are not showing in the belly, you are elsewhere. Your body retains more water during pregnancy.
Eating healthy is more important now than ever. Gaining too much weight early on in pregnancy can cause health problems for you and the baby. Try to change your diet up to include more fruits and vegetables. Remember to eat small amounts of food throughout the day to prevent over-eating. In order to keep your energy levels up during pregnancy, and provide baby with enough nutrients, you are going to want to have a snack planned in between meals. Even your meals may need to change. Meals that are too big are harder for your body to digest, and some of the nutrients will pass through your body without doing much good.
When people think of snacking, they inevitably think of junk food, but that does not have to be the case. Finding healthy snack options is very important while pregnant, because you will be snacking more often throughout the day. While many pregnancy cravings include foods that aren’t exactly healthy, it is important to be able to supplement unhealthy snacks with healthy ones. If you have four snacks in a given day, then only one of them should be a splurge. The remaining three should be healthy.
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Roller-coaster Parenting: The Best and Worst Things about being a Mom

It is without doubt that being a mom is the best thing ever. How could we not love those cute little feet, warm hugs in the morning or playing at the park for hours on end? Ok, we know that there will be many sleepless nights involved and stress levels will rise and fall as quickly as that homemade bread you are trying to master, but being a mom is just great isn’t it?


We have spoken to a few of our favorite moms to find out what they love and hate when it comes to parenting.

Rosie, mom to Ella 3 and Mason 1

The thing I love most about parenting is…

It is amazing sharing an absolute unconditional love with my two favorite people. I know that my husband and I share a special bond, but the love for my kids is on a whole new level. I would do anything for them in a blink of an eye as I know how much they depend on me. read more

She’s 12 Weeks

12 weeks of pregnancy : Finding a doctor

By now, you’ve probably already taken your first trip to your baby’s doctor. However, don’t feel pressured to stick with the first baby doctor you find. Finding the right doctor is more important than ever during pregnancy, so finding a doctor that you are comfortable with is your number one job. Although the baby doctor’s job is to ensure your health and that of your baby, it is your job to make it easier on them by placing your trust in them. Easier said than done, right?
12 weeks
Looking for a doctor that you can connect with is one of the first steps in pregnancy. Not all doctors are going to be able to connect with you on a level that you probably feel is necessary. Make sure that you talk to some friends of yours that have gone through the process of finding a baby doctor. If you have friends that have recently had a baby, ask them a little bit about their baby doctor. Don’t just pry for positives. Dig deep, and find out what your friends did NOT like about the doctor, also. Some instances that are forgivable for a friend may be the same instances that make you uncomfortable.
Compassion is one of the most important traits for most women to find in a baby doctor. You want to find a doctor that can talk about healthy eating, weight gain, and body changes without making you feel as if you are being attacked by them personally. With pregnancy affecting your emotions, it is of utmost importance to find a doctor that is not lacking in empathy.
Choosing a baby doctor is different for every pregnancy. If you are pregnant for the first time, you are going to want to take your time finding the doctor that you mesh with the best. If you have already had children, it may be a good idea to stay with the same baby doctor. Keeping the same baby doctor can help them and you prepare for pregnancy better. Pregnant women can go through significant changes with their health, and sometimes health problems can be life-threatening for mother and child. For instance, women suffering from eclampsia can have severe swelling, high blood pressure, and intense nausea; all of which can be easily missed by doctors because they are normal symptoms of pregnancy. If you have had eclampsia, anemia, or diabetes with a previous pregnancy, keeping the same doctor will help them monitor the signs of significant health problems.
Remember, choosing a doctor is not like picking out a new pair of shoes. It’s almost impossible to choose a doctor just by looking at their qualifications. You may even want to change doctors after a few appointments, and that is perfectly fine. In the end, you only need to worry about which doctor is going to give you the best and safest pregnancy experience possible. Shopping around for options may never be more important. read more

Challenges of a working mom

Let me start by saying that my son means the world to me and nothing would make me happier than to spend my days home with him, teaching him and watching him grow. But the reality is that I knew even before I became pregnant that I would never have that chance to stay home with him full time. Like many other women my age, I put myself through college while working part time, racking up school bills that will be with me for most of my life. However, I did  not let that stop me from landing a few great jobs,getting married and, soon after, pregnant with my first child.
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Bringing Back Family Time

Mention “Family Time” and chances are you might be met with groans and complaints. These days it’s more common to see families sitting at a restaurant table, all looking down at their cell phones rather than interacting, especially if there are teens in the family. Don’t worry though, all is not lost and it IS possible to bring back family time in a way that will make everyone want to participate.

It’s Easier to Prevent a Bad Habit than to Fix One

If your children are younger, you will do yourself a huge favor by not letting certain habits develop. Cell phone use during family meals or activities is one of those habits that can be a real bear to break.
In our household, cell phones are not allowed at the table at all, no exceptions and that includes mom and dad. This also includes iPods, iPhones, Kindles and any other kind of electronic device.
If your kids aren’t cell phone or tablet age yet, this will be an effortless “rule” to put into place and leave in place as they grow up. If you have teens and things have been allowed to slide, be prepared for some resistance but don’t give up and don’t give in. Things WILL get better and easier as they get used to it and realize that you are not going to change your mind.
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She’s 8 Weeks Pregnant

For men, pregnancy is a very confusing time. We can’t physically feel what our partners are going through, and that can cause a lot of anxiety. However, it is very important for your partner that you learn as much about pregnancy as you can, so that you are better able to help your partner through this stressful time.
8 weeks pregnant is the first major milestone for expecting couples. Most couples are just finding out that she is pregnant, and most haven’t even been to the doctor yet. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t steps to take in making her pregnancy run smooth.
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