Your 2 week old baby

How your 2 week old baby is growing

It takes time for the baby to adjust to  the new world outside the womb. Your 2 week old baby will be  spending most of his time sleeping and being awake. The only way your baby knows to communicate is through crying. There are many ways you can help soothe your crying baby such as swaddling the baby ,  making sure the baby is not hungry or the that he has a dirty diaper.

your 2 week old baby

You can also communicate with your baby by talking or through your touch. Your baby will  love to be held, kissed , caressed, stroked massaged and read more

Your 1 week old baby

How your 1 week old baby is growing

It’s been only a week since your newborn arrived.  His eyesight is still not clear. Your baby can see best when things are 8 to 15 inches away. Babies are born nearsighted so she can only see clearly when you are holding her close.

one week old baby

Dont worry if your 1 week old doesn’t look you straight in the eye. Newborns tend to focus on your hairline, eyebrows   and moving mouth.  Looking at your baby during feeding encourages him to focus better.As she gets to know you, eye to eye contact will be better. During feeding try moving your head slowly from side to side to see if she will follow. This will build her  eye muscles. read more

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