Pregnancy Week 4 : How Is It Going?

At pregnancy week 4, you may still not be aware of your stork’s upcoming visit. However, this is the time when your body is working extraordinarily hard to support your pregnancy. So it’s quite normal to experience some fatigue around this time. If you still haven’t taken an at-home pregnancy test, it’s time to get a kit or two. If the test turns out positive, you can try scheduling a prenatal visit to your doctor but you may have to wait till you’re eight weeks pregnant.

About Your Baby At Pregnancy Week 4

pregnancy week 4
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The First Three Weeks of Pregnancy – A Miracle Is Happening

Being pregnant is one of the wonderful and miraculous experiences that parents go through. However, with the miracle growing right inside them comes a lot of responsibility. If you’ve been trying to conceive or have recently received the good news, it’s time for you to learn about the changes your body is going through. With that information in hand, you’ll be able to deal with these changes without fretting over every little thing.

Week 1 and 2: Are You Pregnant?

Since it’s hard to determine the exact point of conception, your gynecologist will start counting the weeks of your pregnancy from the start of your last menstrual cycle, including the weeks leading up to your ovulation. So the first week of your pregnancy can be counted as your last menstrual cycle before you conceived.
At the start of your menstrual cycle, a few eggs occupy follicles (fluid-filled sacs for the next 14 days, after which you ovulate. During this time, one follicle releases an egg into your fallopian tube where it waits for fertilization. So if you are trying to conceive, 14 days after the start of your menstrual cycle is the best time to try. Each month, you have a 25% chance of getting pregnant, and you might have to try more than once. So don’t be disappointed if you don’t conceive first time.
Once the egg is fertilized, it moves to the uterus and settles there. These are typically the first two weeks of your pregnancy, which is why you typically conceive by the end of the second week. If you’re trying to get pregnant, make sure to schedule a preconception visit to an ob-gyn to learn about possible genetic diseases and potential lifestyle changes. You should also start consuming about 0.4 milligrams of folic acid by now to progress healthily through your pregnancy.
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Is this it? Early Signs of Pregnancy

Happy couple finding out results of a pregnancy test

You’re moody and tired – just like every month around this time. But wait – your period doesn’t start. Could you be pregnant? Should you take a home pregnancy test? Here are some early signs that might point to ‘Yes!’


Some women experience spotting and mild cramping when the fertilized egg implants into the uterine wall, called implantation bleeding. Some women even say they know exactly when implantation happens from the physical sensation! For other women, this spotting is confusing. Was it actually a period? Do you count pregnancy from that date, or from your last regular period? How pregnant could you be? read more

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7 Golden Rules of Relaxation for Pregnant Moms

While TV moms look absolutely radiant as they click away in heels and light-looking baby bumps, reality is far, far, FAR from this. In real life, you’re bound to be too stressed to look your best, let alone radiate. However, before you let stress get to you and you end up biting someone’s head off a-la-Godzilla style, breathe a little and follow these seven tips to relax.

#1) Get Some Me Time

According to studies, pregnancy is the 12th most stressful event in women’s lives. However, while stressing over your baby’s growth and its health is fine, you need to take some time out for yourself. Indulge in a few minutes far away from the maddening crowd, turn in early, or head down to your favorite spa. You need these indulgences, especially before the stork drops off its package at your doorstep. read more

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A Mother-to-Be’s Pregnancy Clothing Essentials

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences for a woman, but there will be days when you won’t feel so pretty. This is especially true as your belly starts bulging and your feet become too large for your shoes. Luckily, you can chase away the mommy blues with a little retail therapy. Just make sure to include the following seven essentials and you’ll be ready for the upcoming trimesters.

#1) Slip-on Shoes

Forget about lacing up and buckling your footwear. Not only will that be hard to pull off with your bulging belly, but such shoes may cut through the skin of your feet. So, buy yourself a few pairs of ballet shoes or mules with a kitten heels. Just make sure to go for shoes with a slightly pointy toe to make your legs look shorter.
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Overweight and pregnant – Know the risk

Being overweight during pregnancy can be harmful to your and your baby. The more overweight you are, the greater your risk for complications. However there are certain steps you can take before and during pregnancy to reduce your risk of complications.

Am i overweight or obese ?

You can determine if you are overweight or  obese based on your body mass index BMI. BMI calculations is based on weight and height.  Your pre-pregnancy BMI (that is your BMI before pregnancy ) can be used to determine if you are overweight or not. read more

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