Using Medications During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman should always check with her doctor before using   prescription or over the counter medication. This includes dietary supplements and herbs. All medications affect the fetus in a different way  depending the stage of development and type or dosage of medication being taken.


Women who take medication for preexisting  conditions such as epilepsy and high blood pressure  should always check with their doctors or midwives about these medications. It is important to find medications thats are safe for the fetus  as well as effective in treating the condition. read more

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Avoiding a Cesarean

There has been a gradual increase in cesarean births over the past 30 years. More than a quarter of pregnant women in the U.S.A are likely to deliver through  cesarean.

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Key Factors in Considering a Cesarean Birth

Several factors can influence the choice of a cesarean vs vaginal delivery. This include the following :

  • Choice of health care provider and their philosophy regarding a cesarean birth.
  • Birth setting.
  • Access to labor support.
  • Medical interventions during labor.
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    Ways to Make Taking Prenatal Vitamins Easier

    Taking prenatal vitamins into your nutritional regimen during pregnancy is  the best way to support your vitamin and nutrient intake that is often lacking in the food we consume.

    prenatal vitamins

    Prenatal vitamins help support a healthy pregnancy and helps to replenish the vitamin stores that are depleted through breastfeeding.

    Prenatal vitamins are larger and more difficult to swallow. Most of the time, prenatal vitamins are known to cause stomach upset especially when there are several pills in one serving. read more

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    Low Blood Sugar During Pregnancy

    Low blood sugar also known as  hypoglycemia  is when the blood sugar level drops too low. This condition is more likely to occur if you treat diabetes with insulin rather from diet and metformin.

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    There  can be some fluctuations  in blood sugar during pregnancy despite our best efforts to maintain it. If you are having problems maintaining  blood sugar during pregnancy, it is important to discuss this with your doctor.

    What are the causes of blood sugar during pregnancy  ?

    Causes of blood sugar during pregnancy include the following : read more

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    Sex during pregnancy : When its not safe

    It is usually safe to have sex during pregnancy. If you don’t have any complications during pregnancy, having sex should not  pose any problems to you and your baby. The baby is surrounded and cushioned by the amniotic fluid. He is also protect by  the uterus and layer of muscles.  The mucus plug inside the cervix also helps safe guard against infections.


    However in certain circumstances, you may need to modify your activity or abstain from sex altogether.

    Your healthcare provider may advice against having sex if you have: read more

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    Managing Stress and Anxiety During Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is exciting . However it is normal to worry about what you eat, drink, feel , think and do. It’s  also normal for you to worry about the baby’s health , how the  baby will change your life and parenthood. Anxiety and stress can interfere with your day to day function. You have to find ways to manage them.

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    How to manage stress and anxiety during pregnancy.

    You can manage stress and anxiety  by doing the following :

  • Practice saying no. You don’t have to be super woman. You need to slow down and learn to ask for help from friends and loved ones.
  • Cut back on chores and use the free time to relax and put your feet up , nap or read a book.
  • Take advantage of sick days or vacation whenever possible. Resting at home can help you get through a tough day.
  • Go to bed early. You and your baby need all the sleep you can get.
  • Take breathing exercises such as yoga or stretching.
  • Get regular exercises  such as swimming and walking.
  • Join support groups to help cope with difficult situations.
  • Limit “information overload”. Reading and listening to other people’s pregnancy stories is fine. However you don’t have to delve into scary situations that may not even happen to you.
  • If you’re under stress or feel like you are at your breaking point, contact your doctor to refer you to a therapist who may be able to help you deal with your stress and anxiety.
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