Common Discomforts of Pregnancy

Symptoms of pregnancy can vary from person to person. The following are some common discomforts of pregnancy .


Common discomforts during pregnancy

Nausea and vomiting :  About half of pregnant women experience this during the first trimester of pregnancy. However some women experience it throughout pregnancy . It is called morning sickness because it is worse in the morning. Eating small meals several times a day as well as avoiding foods such as spicy or fatty foods can help lessen the symptom.

If vomiting is severe and leads to lose in fluids and weight, it is a sign of hyperemesis gravidarum. This can lead to dehydration. Call your doctor if you experience this. read more

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Danger Signs in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time for most women. However there are certain signs that may indicate that your pregnancy in is danger.


Danger signs of pregnancy

Heavy bleeding in the first 2 months : Heavy bleeding and severe pain in the pelvis, typically within the first 2 months indicate ectopic pregnancy. If this condition is not detected early, it can result in death.

Abdominal cramping and spotting : This could be an indication of a miscarriage. Sometimes a miscarriage can even occur before a woman even realizes she’s pregnant. It can however occur as late as 20 weeks of pregnancy and is due to the mother’s inability to produce insulin. read more

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Vegetarian diet during pregnancy

Eating vegetarian diet during pregnancy

During pregnancy , it is important to choose from a variety of foods that provide enough proteins, calories and nutrients for you and your baby. A balanced vegetarian diet can provide you with all the nutrients you need for a healthy pregnancy.  You need to pay special attention to proteins, vitamin B12, calcium, vitamin D, zinc and iron during pregnancy and nursing.

You can seek the help of a registered dietician to make sure you are eating a balanced diet.

vegetarian diet

Protein :  This is essential for fetal cell growth and development. Dairy products , eggs, fish , seafood , meat and poultry are all excellent sources. A vegetarian diet may include egg dairy . However in the case of plant only vegan diet, it is important to include plant based vegan foods in your diet. read more

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Benefits of prenatal vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are vitamins and minerals nutritional supplements specially formulated for pregnant women or those who are planning a pregnancy or nursing. It is recommended that women who are planing a pregnancy get pre- conception advice. It is important to know that prenatal vitamins do not replace healthy eating.

prenatal vitamins

What are the benefits of prenatal vitamins ?

  • They contain folic acid  which is essential for the development of the neural tube of babies. The neural tube is the  structure that forms the brain and spinal cord. Lack of or too little folic acid can lead to neural tube defects such as spina bifida.
  • They contain calcium which is important for physical fetal development and maintenance of the mother’s bones and muscles. It also develops the blood clotting ability of the baby. Calcium  sustains mother’s and fetus’s normal heartbeat and regulate nerves harmoniously and may even help prevent preeclampsia.
  • These vitamins have iron  which supports the oxygen and nutrient transport mechanism in the baby. Iron is necessary to build up the  maternal blood cells to support fetal cell development . It also improves and maintains a healthy immune system.
  • DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) is very essential in prenatal vitamins. It is essential for both pregnant and nursing moms.DHA works for the enhancement of a child’s vision, brain, and nerves via breast milk after initially developing them in the womb. In pregnant women , DHA supports the development of the central nervous system of the baby. It also supports the development and  enhances a child’s eye sight.
  • Vitamins and minerals : Prenatal vitamins includes various vitamins and mineral that are important for healthy pregnancy.
    • Vitamin B6 gives relief to morning sickness during pregnancy
    • Vitamin C heals wounds, repair brittle bone and rebuild tissues
    • Vitamin D helps build baby’s bones and teeth. It is also important in  maintaining levels of calcium and phosphorus.
    • Zinc helps boosts cell growth and improves the immune system.


    It is important not to take any other vitamin or mineral supplements while you’re taking a prenatal supplement unless your practitioner recommends it. Pregnant women should not take vitamin A supplements or any supplement that is rich in vitamin A such as cod liver . Too much vitamin A can be harmful to the baby . Pregnant women who are not anemic do not need iron supplement. Seek your doctor’s advice. read more

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Pemphigoid Gestationis

Pemphigoid gestationis is a pregnancy related autoimmune skin disorder. The rash usually appears  during the 2nd or 3rd trimester and disappears within a few weeks or months after pregnancy. The rash usually appears around the navel. It is known to be caused by the woman’s immune system mistakenly attacking her own skin but the reason why this happens is not well understood.

Pemphigoid Gestationis

What symptoms should i look out for ?

The rash can begin as a flat or raised red spot that usually form on the abdomen around the navel. Blisters then develop and the rash spreads. The blisters can be small or large, irregular shaped and fluid filled. It’s an extremely itchy rash. It can spread to the rest of the body including the trunk, arms, legs and palms and soles. The face and mouth are usually not affected. read more

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