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Will my baby’s belly button always stick out ?

Your baby’s belly button may not always stick out. About 20% of all newborns  have an umbilical cord hernia which is also known as an “outie”. The umbilical cord heals and falls off after birth and the opening of the abdomen usually closes spontaneously. However occasionally the opening does not close  and results  in a bulging belly button especially when there is increased abdominal pressure such when the child cries or during a bowel movement.


The hernia usually does not cause any problems. As long as the child is comfortable , the area is not swollen and tender and the bulge is soft  and compressible, there is no reason to be concerned. These hernias usually go away in about 12 to 18 months and surgery to close them is not usually necessary .


When to worry

You need to call your doctor right away  when you notice swelling, tenderness or discoloration around the area . In very rare cases, a piece of the baby’s intestine will get caught up in the opening  which can cut off blood supply to the area and require immediate surgery. Vomiting and constipation may also be a symptoms of this problem.



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