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Using Medications During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman should always check with her doctor before using   prescription or over the counter medication. This includes dietary supplements and herbs. All medications affect the fetus in a different way  depending the stage of development and type or dosage of medication being taken.


Women who take medication for preexisting  conditions such as epilepsy and high blood pressure  should always check with their doctors or midwives about these medications. It is important to find medications thats are safe for the fetus  as well as effective in treating the condition.


The FDA has created  pregnancy letter categories  that helps in explaining the use of medication during pregnancy. These letters tell if the medication has been tested in pregnant animals or pregnant human and its effect. For example a Category A  medicine has been tested in  pregnant women and their babies and has caused no problems.  A category X  medicine has been shown to be dangerous   in unborn babies and should never be used in pregnant women. However there is very little information about the effect of many medications during pregnancy.


You should always contact your doctor or midwife before taking any medication during pregnancy. You have to make sure you are aware of the benefits as well as the risks.



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