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Facts About Diaper Rash

Some facts about diaper rash

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  • Diaper rash is the most common form of  inflamed skin experienced by most children during their diaper wearing years.
  • It is not a sign of parental neglect.
  • It is a type of contact dermatitis .
  • Diaper rash first appears as redness or chafing of the sensitive skin covered by the baby’s diaper.
  • If your baby has this rash, he/she becomes very uncomfortable when you change him.
  • When left untreated , diaper rash can become increasingly raw and cause more discomfort .
  • Diaper rash can be caused by frequent loose stool, use of antibiotics  that can lead to diarrhea and irritating diaper rash,  heat and humidity and allergic reactions to wipes and detergents.
  • Diaper rash may become secondarily infected by bacteria or yeast normally present on the skin. In this cases, topical ointments provide  a rapid and effective therapy.
  • Changing diaper frequently is the number preventative measure.
  • Some effective treatments include frequent diaper changes, application of topical barriers (for example, petroleum jelly), and rarely topical antibiotic/antifungal ointments, or low-potency hydrocortisone cream.
  • You  should also wash skin with very mild soap and air dry or lightly pat dry.
  • You should avoid High-potency steroid creams, powders, and concentrated baking-soda/boric-acid baths and neomycin containing ointments.
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