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Sex during pregnancy : When its not safe

It is usually safe to have sex during pregnancy. If you don’t have any complications during pregnancy, having sex should not  pose any problems to you and your baby. The baby is surrounded and cushioned by the amniotic fluid. He is also protect by  the uterus and layer of muscles.  The mucus plug inside the cervix also helps safe guard against infections.


However in certain circumstances, you may need to modify your activity or abstain from sex altogether.


Your healthcare provider may advice against having sex if you have:

You have to know that if you’ve been advised by your  provider not to have sex, you have to be sure to understand if your provider is talking specifically about intercourse, about putting anything in your vagina or about any activity that could bring on orgasm. Orgasm and nipple stimulation  can cause mild uterine contractions. If you cant have sex , there are other ways you can express yourself. This includes cuddling, kissing and long massages.


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