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Quality Rest for New Parents

Being a new parent can be overwhelming. The frequent feedings, diaper changes  and calming a fussy baby can all make it difficult to sleep soundly at night. It is important for new parents to take care of themselves. It can be difficult to take good care of your baby if you’re tired and sleep deprived.

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Ways new parents can get a sound sleep.

Sleep while the baby sleep :  Newborns  can nap as long as 2 to 4 hours. It can be challenging to sleep while the baby sleeps  because of other kids and chores. However you need to try and get some rest.


Skip house chores : Opt for sleep instead of finishing house chores such as vacuuming and cleaning dishes. Don’t worry about friends and family coming over, they will understand.


Share nighttime duties :  You should share nighttime duties such as changing diapers and feeding. Nursing moms should pump breast milk so that their spouses  can give the baby a nighttime bottle and allow the mother to sleep.


Place the crib near the bed : Placing the crib or bassinet by  your bed makes it easy to tend to the baby and go back to sleep and helps you get a more restful night.


Ask friends and family for help : Ask for help whether is picking up groceries, sweeping the floor or holding the baby while you take a nap.


Practice healthy sleep habits : These include the following :

  • Avoid caffeine because it interferes with sleep cycle.
  • Do not use electronics  before bed as this can also interfere with total sleep time.
  • Stick to regular sleep schedule .These may be difficult but try to sleep and wake up the same time each night . However with a baby, you have to know that you need to be flexible and expect to wake up at night.

Help the baby sleep by adopting healthy sleep habits. You should avoid rocking the baby to sleep each night. You have to let the baby learn how to sleep in their bed on their own.


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