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Why women are freezing their eggs ?

Is freezing of eggs an option for you ?


Most women are freezing their eggs. It’s not that they don’t want children but they just don’t want them right now. Most women are career focused and waiting longer to get married and have children.


freezing of eggs


Increased maternal age increases the risk of fertility problems. As women age, their eggs become less viable and the challenges of conceiving increases. If you are not ready to be a mother but don’t want to lose the fertility window, then freezing of eggs may be an option for you.


Freezing of eggs is becoming more popular. The optimal time to freeze your eggs  is around early 30s . However some  women wait until they are approaching 40 years and getting worried if they can be able to have their own children. What most people don’t consider is that you may need to freeze your eggs if you want a second or third child and you are in the gray area.


This procedure of  freezing is expensive . It can range from about  $8000 to $10,000 . However a lot more doctors are offering it so some people can get it as low as $5000.


For the egg freezing procedure, the  woman is given hormone injection  for about 10 days. She goes  through surgery , they take her  eggs out and instead of inseminating  them with her  partner’s sperms, the eggs  are frozen until  she is  ready to have a baby.




It is important to find a good clinic or a clinic that is experienced with egg freezing. The eggs can be frozen  indefinitely. There is no time limit.  You are not guaranteed a baby just because your froze your eggs. It is better to freeze your eggs in your prime reproductive years which is in the 20’s and early 30’s to take advantage of egg premium quality and quantity.



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