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She’s 32 weeks

32 weeks pregnant


Getting ready for the baby was never more important than now, because it’s coming sooner rather than later! The last few weeks of pregnancy are some of the most important. It’s very important that you get everything ready for the baby right now, while avoiding stress for the mother. That means all of the hard work that goes on during the last few weeks of pregnancy all fall on dad’s shoulders.


32 weeks pregnant
If you haven’t already got a head start on preparing for the baby’s arrival, then now would be the best time. Waiting any longer could be disastrous. Not all women carry their babies full term. Make sure that all of the furniture is in place, the carpets are cleaned, and the linens are all fresh. Take care of any house work, yard work, or big chores that you will need to do within the next six months, because they aren’t going to be easy to get done when the newborn arrives.
Continue working diligently to take care of your partner’s needs. Pay attention to her sleep schedule and help her prepare for the baby by letting her rest. Sometimes it can be very hard to encourage your partner to relax during pregnancy. Anxiety and hormones are taking over your partner’s body, so she is going to want to be doing whatever she can for the baby. This is sometimes referred to as “nesting”. Try to remind your partner that you are there to help her with all of the chores preparing for the baby coming home, so that she can get things done through micromanagement.
One thing that many expecting parents forget about having a newborn is the need for a reliable vehicle. Before your partner gets too far along in her third trimester, you want to make sure that all of your vehicle’s maintenance needs are taken care of. Change your oil, give your car a tune-up, and get the tires rotated, because these things are sure to get put off for a month or two after the baby arrives. Also make sure that your gas tank is always at least half full.

The worst possible scenario for going into labor is not having a vehicle ready. Unless you want to go through the nightmare of delivering your own child in the backseat of your car, making sure your car is ready to go at any point in time is a top priority.



By now, most expecting fathers are going to be feeling a lot of anxiety towards having a baby. The due date is creeping up on you, and you’re not really sure if you’re prepared or not. But do not fret. Your partner needs a rock in her third trimester, and that is what being a dad is all about. Do whatever you can to prepare for the newborn, and making your partner comfortable in her pregnancy. The sense of accomplishment and preparation should do wonders for relieving your anxiety.


Travis Newville
Breckenridge, Michigan

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