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Your 21 week old baby

How your 21 week old baby is growing


Your 21 week old baby  may become anxious around new people and may even cry when around strangers. This is known as stranger anxiety and is her first emotional milestone.


21 week old baby


Dont get embarrassed when she cries when somebody she doesn’t know picks her up. Take her back  and calm her down. Stranger anxiety doesn’t mean you shouldnt be around strangers. Your baby needs to be around other people other than you and your partner. However she needs time to go through this milestone.


Your life


You may have wondered how to bond with your baby. Now your baby wont go to anybody apart from you. She may even reject your partner. This means more work for you.This is why baby socialization is crucial.


You can resolve this problem by getting the baby use to other people.

  • encourage your baby to get involved in the baby’s daily task such as changing diapers, feeding and bathing. Let him carry the baby around and play with her so that she can get use to him
  • expose your baby to family and friends. You can hold the baby while a another  person talks to her and then gradually give the baby to her while still close. You can leave for a short period and come back. Repeat the process
  • divide house chores between you and your partner so that you dont get overwhelmed


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