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Your 14 week old baby

How your 14 week old baby is doing


Your baby’s brain is beginning to grow. This makes him look at things with curiosity even his  own reflexion. Rattles and dangling toys will amuse your 14 week old baby. These toys also help his hand and eye  skills develop together. Your baby at this stage loves  to look at reflections. You can prop  an unbreakable mirror next to him. He may reward you with a huge grin.


Smiling baby


Your life


Having a baby changes your relationship with everyone in a positive or negative way. You may no longer have interest in things you did before like traveling, shopping or night clubbing. You may have some people who will be delighted about your baby as you are. Others may want nothing to so with your baby. You can strike a balance between your old life and new routine.  People do not expect you to abandon your baby and you shouldn’t expect them to want to talk about motherhood all the time. Find common activities you can do together.


You may lose some people but having the baby can also help you meet other new parents that you have things in common with.

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