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Your 9 week old baby

How your 9 week old baby is growing ?


Your 9 week old baby may be able to sleep  for 5 to 6 hours at a stretch. She  will however wake up at least once or twice during the night . You will also realize that your baby is staying longer during the day. Giving the baby a massage before bedtime or singing a lullaby may help the  baby sleep easily.


9 week old baby


Your life


Only a few women have sexual desire in the weeks after childbirth. If you don’t have the energy or desire to have sex, there are other ways you and your partner can stay romantic.


It is important to talk to your partner. Let him know your fears and concerns. You two are going through a huge change in your life . Talking about it can help you get closer. Have fun together. Get help from the family and friends and spend time together . You can go the movies or on diner dates.


You should also know that  sex is not all about intercourse. Cuddling, kissing, caressing and other forms of sex play requires less energy  and can help you relax and stay close.


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