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Superfoods For Toddlers and Big Kids

Superfoods for Toddlers and Big Kids

Superfoods are very essential for the proper development of kids. Children require a nutrient-dense diet to help them grow and develop properly. These early years of life are paramount for building a strong foundation and to help reduce the risk of ill-health and disease in later life. Providing your child with the nutrients they need is quite straight-froward, all it takes is a diet that is comprised mostly (or entirely) of natural foods and very low in sugary and processed foods. Following is a list of the best types of food for toddlers and children to give them the best start possible and to help them develop into healthy adults.
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Superfoods Breakfast Options


1) It is always best to opt for a low-sugar breakfast and instil this routine into your child’s daily life. A great low-sugar but highly nutritious superfood is porridge. The oats release energy slowly, providing your child with fuel to see them through the morning and will help reduce the risk of diabetes and other metabolic disorders.


2) Bananas are one of the best fruits for providing a balanced set of nutrients as well as being a good source of energy. While all fruit types are nutritious in their own way, bananas are a more substantial food and are usually received well by all children. Banana chopped or mashed onto a piece of toast is a tasty, vitamin-dense and naturally low-fat breakfast.


Superfoods Mid-Morning Snack


3) A fantastically healthy superfood is natural yoghurt with fresh or dried fruit. The addition of fruit sweetens the yoghurt without the need to add sugar. Try drizzling a little honey for a special treat.


4) A small slice of malt/fruit loaf is a great little snack for staving off hunger till lunchtime while providing essential nutrients and fibre.


Superfoods Drinks Options


5)Fruit smoothies are an inspired creation, rich in essential nutrients, high in fibre and a healthy source of energy. You can experiment with different types of fruit and add a little milk for an even more wholesome drink.


6) Milk is one of the most simplest, yet nutritious drinks available and is especially beneficial to children. Milk contains high levels of calcium and other important vitamins and is naturally low in fat and sugar. During childhood, our bones grow and become dense reaching peak density in our late twenties. Getting sufficient calcium and vitamin D in childhood and teenage years is crucial for building healthy and strong bones.


Superfoods Lunchtime options


7) Eggs are hugely versatile superfoods and chock full of nutrition including, protein, vitamin D, vitamin B2, vitamin A, and iodine.


8) Dipping foods can be a fun, tasty and highly nutritious part of lunch. Use chopped up colorful vegetables such as peppers, carrots and celery to dip into home-made (low-fat) hummus or low-fat soft cheese.


Superfoods After-School Snacks


9) Popcorn doesn’t have to be high in fat, sugar or salt but it does contain some top nutrients including, iron, vitamin B6 and magnesium. Simply pop the corn using a little vegetable oil, then sprinkle a very small amount of sugar or salt for a light, after-school snack that won’t ruin your child’s appetite for dinner.


10) The avocado pear is a superior fruit as it contains healthy fats in the form of mono-unsaturated fat, known for lowering and maintaining low cholesterol. They also contain high levels of vitamin A, E and omega 3 and are good for both heart and immune health. For a tasty treat, cut the pear in half, remove the stone and fill the hole with soft cheese.


* Avoid more than 2 snacks per day*


Superfoods Dinner Options


11) Fish is often over-looked as a meat option even though it is packed full of seriously important vitamins. Oily fish contain high levels of extremely elusive nutrients such as, vitamin D and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, that are found in very few foods.


12) Chicken is an all-round healthy meat that is extremely versatile. Most children enjoy the taste of chicken and it is a naturally low-fat source of protein and a moderate source of iron, vitamin B6 &12 and potassium.


13) All vegetables are healthy and nutritious but the secret to providing maximum nutrition for your children is to alternate the vegetables for each meal and always include a variety of colors.


Superfoods Treat Ideas


14) Fruit juice ice lollies are a healthy, tasty alternative and easily masquerade as the real deal. All you need is ice-lollies moulds, some fresh juice (the thicker varieties such as

mango are best for a more luxurious ice), then pop in the freezer for a few hours.


15) Dried fruit might sound a little plain but it can actually look (and taste) like candy without all the nasty ingredients. Rather than just boring old raisins, go for dried pineapple, guava, banana chips and coconut for a scrumptiously nutritious treat.


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